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The Hill Baptist Church
Tuesday, July 31 2018

Dear Church Family,

Did you know that nearly 8 out of 10 people that become Christians do so before their 21st birthday? In an article published by the Barna Group entitled “Evangelism is Most Effective Among Kids” states the following:

“The current Barna study indicates that nearly half of all Americans who accept

Jesus Christ as their savior do so before reaching the age of 13 (43%), and that

two out of three born again Christians (64%) made that commitment to Christ

before their 18th birthday. One out of eight born again people (13%) made their

profession of faith while 18 to 21 years old. Less than one out of every four born

again Christians (23%) embraced Christ after their twenty-first birthday. Barna

noted that these figures are consistent with similar studies it has conducted

during the past twenty years.”

These are eye opening statistics and ones that tell us of the extreme importance of reaching children with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a church we are blessed to have in our membership two couples that spend the best hours of their days reaching kids for Christ.

One couple is Jonathan and Christa Beaufort who serve with Cru. Cru’s mission is to win college students to Christ, build them up in their faith, and send them out to reach the world. Jonathan and Christa have been on staff with Cru for 17 years. They are passionate about reaching the over 10,000 college students here in Augusta. On Sunday, August 12th Jonathan will be sharing more about the ministry of Cru during our 11am worship service.

The other couple is Clay and Christy Bagby who serve with YoungLife. YoungLife’s mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. Clay serves as the director of YoungLife here in our area which includes both Richmond and Columbia counties. You may not know this but there are over 20,000 high school students in our area. YoungLife serves as an outreach arm of the church to reach these students with the gospel. On Sunday, August 19th Clay will be sharing more about the ministry of YoungLife during our 11am worship service.

This leads me to share with you what our Tangible Project of the month of August will be. Our Tangible Project is to collect an offering to support these two strategic ministries. Our goal is to raise at least $1,200. However much we raise by the end of the month we will divide it and donate it to these two ministries. Here is how you can give. You can make your check out to “The Hill Baptist Church” and write on your donation envelope “Cru Offering” or “YoungLife Offering.”

We are very blessed to have the Beauforts and the Bagbys as part of our church family. Their ministries are very strategic and it is a privilege for us to be involved in helping them reach kids for Christ! Prayerfully consider what you can give above and beyond your regular giving to the ministry of our church to help support these two ministries.

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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