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The Hill Baptist Church
Tuesday, June 01 2021

Dear Church Family,

As we move into June, the spread of the virus is decreasing and we are beginning to see our city emerge from the pandemic. Let’s pray this trend continues. The pandemic has altered our way of life in many ways. Some of the alterations will prove to be temporary. The mask-wearing and social distancing will continue to be relaxed. Virtual school will be replaced by normal face-to-face learning. Restaurants, stadiums, and theme parks will begin to operate a full capacity.

However, some of the alterations will be more permanent. The increased use of technology will continue. Hopefully, the increased attention to personal hygiene will continue. One alteration that I hope will only be temporary is the decrease in church involvement.

I want to challenge you to emerge from the pandemic more committed than ever before to your relationship with Christ and His Church. I desire to see growth in you and growth in the number of people worshipping with us on Sundays! Now more than ever people are realizing their need for God and for community. Both can be experienced in the church.

I want to challenge you to commit to attending our worship services when you’re in town. I want to challenge you to reach out to those around you and invite them to join us for worship. If we’re going to grow, we need to take steps of faith. What is your next step? Maybe your next step is going from watching online to worshipping with us in person. Maybe your next step is placing your faith in Jesus for the first time. Maybe your next step is getting baptized. Maybe your next step is attending a Sunday school class or the Wednesday evening Bible study. Maybe your next step is volunteering in an area of ministry such as the children’s ministry, youth ministry, or music ministry. If we’re going to grow, we must be willing to take steps of faith. Let’s emerge from this pandemic with our faith firmly fixed on Jesus Christ and let’s move forward with Him by taking our next step!

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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