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The Hill Baptist Church
Tuesday, May 02 2023
Broad Sowing

Dear Church Family,

I’m very encouraged as I look back over all the Lord has done this year! We’re already seeing positive results from the changes that have been made and the outreach initiatives that we’ve implemented. A few weeks ago, Brandon and I spent the afternoon going down a few streets in the National Hills neighborhood hanging door hangers. The door hangers shared about our church and what services we offer. The next Sunday I met a lady that was visiting our church for the first time. In our conversation, I asked her how she heard about our church. She said someone came by her house and placed a flyer on her door. I was so encouraged by that conversation.

In addition to continuing to invite and invest in our friends and family, I believe the strategy that we must exercise is what is called “broad sowing.” In Matthew 13, Jesus tells the parable of the sower. In the parable, the farmer sows his seed broadly and the seed falls on four types of soil. The farmer is not responsible for the type of soil the seed falls on but he is responsible to sow the seed. In a similar way, we need to sow the seed of invitation broadly. We need to extend invitations beyond those that we know. In order to do that we’ll be planning several outreach events over the next several months. These events will be designed to bless the community and provide opportunities for people to hear about both the gospel and what services our church offers.

Our role is to sow the seed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This requires that we take steps of faith and ask the Lord how we can be involved in broad sowing. I want to challenge you to help with these events in whatever way that you’re able to. You can pray. You can help plan. You can volunteer. You can call the people that fill out contact cards and thank them for coming to the event and invite them to church. We need everyone to be involved. Let’s trust the Lord together as we sow the seed of invitation. I believe as we do we’ll see some of those seeds fall on ground that will produce fruit!

In Christ,

Pastor Ron Jones

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